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Woodbury University’s 22-acre scenic, residential campus is situated in the heart of the entertainment industry, with nearby studios such as Disney, Universal, NBC, Warner Bros., and DreamWorks. The address is 7500 Glenoaks Blvd., Burbank, CA 91504-7846.

The urban San Diego campus in the historic Barrio Logan district offers a Bachelor of Architecture degree, as well as a Master of Architecture in Real Estate Development and a Master of Science in Architecture with an emphasis on Landscape and Urbanism. The San Diego campus address is 2212 Main Street, San Diego, CA 92113.


Welcome to Woodbury Los Angeles

Visit Woodbury in Los Angeles!
Woodbury University’s main entrance is accessible via Glenoaks Boulevard.

Visitors to the campus are required to display a valid visitor permit, even if they are parked in the designated visitor spaces. Permits may be obtained at the security kiosk located near the entrance of the school or at the front desk in Hensel Hall.

For directions, view our campus map. Campus tours begin at the Admissions Office, located on the first floor of Hensel Hall. If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to call the Admissions Office at (818) 252-5221.

We look forward to seeing you!

Contact Us
Woodbury University – Burbank
7500 Glenoaks Blvd.
Burbank, CA 91504-7846
(818) 767-0888

Admission contact:

Phone: (818) 252-5221

Admission contact:

Phone: (818) 252-5230


Phone: (818) 252-4828

Business Office:

Phone: (818) 252-5243

Career Office:

Phone: (818) 252-5260

Counseling Services:

Phone: (818) 252-5237

Financial Aid Office:

Phone: (818) 252-5273


Phone: (818) 252-5182

Health Office:

Phone: (818) 252-5238

Human Resources:

Phone: (818) 252-5108

Information Technology:

Phone: (818) 252-5295


Phone: (818) 252-5200


Phone: (818) 252-5171

Office of Student Development:

Phone: (818) 252-5232

President’s Office:

Phone: (818) 252-5101


Phone: (818) 252-5270


Phone: (818) 252-5208

University Relations :

Phone: (818) 252-5214

Community Services:

Phone: (818) 252-5250

Welcome to Woodbury San Diego

Visit Woodbury in San Diego!
Woodbury University occupies a renovated warehouse in San Diego’s Barrio Logan district. Sited between downtown and the naval shipyards, the campus is a center of cultural and architectural activity in a diverse neighborhood populated by families, artists, and community leaders. The school offers undergraduate and graduate programs in architecture and real estate development for architects. Faculty and students play an active role in shaping the cultural and economic future of the areathrough events, workshops, and outreach. The award-winning building is home to specialized facilities that include a library focused on architecture, urbanism, and development, as well as a wood/metal shop, and a digital fabrication lab. We look forward to seeing you!

We look forward to seeing you!

Contact Us
Woodbury University – San Diego
2212 Main Street
San Diego, CA 92113
(619) 235-2900

Architecture Main Office:

Emily Strawn
Phone: 619-235-2900

Undergraduate Admissions:

Janet Asuncion
Phone: 619-235-2900 x 414

Communications & Marketing:

Nina Reyes
Phone: 818-394-3337

Careers & Outreach:

Catherine Roussel
Phone: 818-394-3339