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Fashion Marketing at Woodbury

Bachelor of Business Administration Fashion Marketing (BBA)

The Bachelor of Business Administration in Fashion Marketing (BBA) program prepares students for a career in the dynamic fashion industry and its related fields. Woodbury University is a newly accredited member of AACSB International – the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business. This means Woodbury’s business programs rank in the top five percent of global business institutions. Our professional faculty teaches students the fundamentals of fashion marketing, buying, promotion, and trend analysis for the creative industries.

The Department of Fashion Marketing’s mission is to provide an exemplary marketing education with a strong liberal 
arts foundation. The interdisciplinary nature of our majors creates well-rounded students with a deep commitment to social responsibility. We prepare students to be competent communicators who understand the complexities of our global environment.

Our program is built upon these four pillars:

Transdisciplinarity: Thinking and acting holistically by bridging multiple perspectives and practices.

Design Thinking: Creating impactful solutions by linking needs and functions to limits and possibilities.

Entrepreneurship: Pursuing visionary opportunities to realize innovative knowledge, practice or product.

Civic Engagement: Strengthening communities by actively applying critical knowledge, skills and values.

Graduates of the Fashion Marketing program go on to hold marketing positions in all areas of the fashion industry including fashion forecasting, creative directing, buying, styling for the media, social media managing, digital marketing, luxury marketing, advertising, promotion, public relations and special events. Internship programs, laboratory experiences and field experiences (i.e. New York, China, Europe) give students the exposure and experience necessary to have successful careers in the fashion industry.

What does a Fashion Marketer do?

Fashion Marketers are storytellers who convey a message about the products they represent. Fashion marketers tell their product story through many channels including digital platforms (eCommerce sites, blogs, new media etc.), television, magazines, and retail outlets.  Fashion Marketing is also about the process of managing the flow of materials from the creation of merchandise to its presentation to customers. Successful fashion marketing depends on creating appropriate product designs that match consumer needs.

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    Students with advanced copies of DKNY PR Girl's newest book: Leave Your Mark
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    Students with Cuit Gonzalez, Brand Engagement + Social Media Manager for BCBG
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    Faculty meet with Pam & Gela, Authors of The Glitter Plan: How We Started Juicy Couture for $200 and Turned It into a Global Brand
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    Students with Christos Garkinos, Co-Owner of Decades, Los Angeles
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    Fashion Marketing students visit the London headquarters of EDITD, a retail technology company

Fashion Marketing Intern/Alumni Success Stories

Lancôme•Fox Television•Mercedes-Benz•Nordstrom•Juicy Couture•Museum of Television and Radio•CBS Studios•Lucky Brand Federated Group•Bebe•Bloomingdales Studio Services•Guess•Tiffany•California Apparel News•Disney Studios•Design Options•ABC Network•Western Costume•Neiman Marcus•Seventeen Magazine•Forever 21•Worth Global Style Network•The Gap•Pure PR•Betsey Johnson•French Connection•WWD•Fashion Channel•Wool Bureau•Warner Bros.•Armani Studio Services•BCBG•Fairchild Publishing•SnapFashun Inc.•Earl Jean-London•Ann Taylor•Marks & Spencer-London•Ogilvy & Mather•W Magazine•California Mart•New Breed Girl•Anthropologie•Sony Pictures•TopShop•Tom Ford•Valentino

Are you ready to begin your marketing career?

Students emerge from Woodbury’s Fashion Marketing program with the knowledge, tools, and networking skills necessary to build a successful career. Woodbury’s internship model combines theory with practice by offering hands-on experience working with top creative firms. Through these internships Woodbury students gain valuable workplace experience that build marketable skills prior to graduation.

If you are interested in applying to WU, click the Apply button on this page. Questions? Click Live Chat or the Info button. Prefer to speak to someone? Just give us a call. Enter your contact information to get on our emailing list. 

Chair-Fashion Marketing:

Wendy Bendoni
Phone: 818-393-3302
Email: Wendy.Bendoni@woodbury.edu

Assistant Dean, Chair & Director; BBA Program Coordinator, Management:

Joan F. Marques, Ph.D., Ed.D.
Phone: 818-394-3391
Email: Joan.Marques@woodbury.edu

School of Business Admissions Counselor:

Ovsanna Adjikian
Phone: 818-252-5209
Email: Ovsanna.Adjikian@woodbury.edu


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Fashion Marketing FACULTY

Woodbury University takes pride in its accomplished faculty and intimate, family-like atmosphere. In addition to teaching, our faculty continue to work as professionals in their fields, passing along the latest technology, trends, and strategies in the current market to WU students. We foster close mentoring relationships between faculty and student. Through this individual attention, we are able to know you as a person, and best help you find your path to success.

Fashion Marketing Program Schedule and Curriculum

Fashion marketing is a four year degree program in which students explore theories of marketing, consumer behavior, brand marketing, digital strategy and International business. Drawing upon case study analysis and industry collaborative research, students learn to apply fashion marketing principles to solve problems and develop plans of action. Every student must complete a fashion marketing internship prior to graduation.

Core Courses FMRK 100 - Fashion Fundamentals
The course introduces the student to all sectors of the fashion industry. This multi-faceted industry markets not only clothing but a myriad of accessories as well. It operates at three different levels: the development and production of raw materials; the design, manufacture and wholesale distribution of goods; and the retailing of the finished product. The student will learn all phases of the marketing process and how these are repeated at each level of the industry. Emphasis is placed on the interrelationships that exist throughout the industry. Lecture. Prerequisite: none.
FMRK 235 - Trend Analysis

This course introduces the basic theories of fashion including perspectives on the nature of fashion and the fashion process, fashion life cycles, fashion leadership, and fashion adoption cycles. In addition, the course includes an overview of the means by which fashion trends are analyzed and predicted. Topics include the influence of the media on fashion, trend reporting and prediction services. Lecture. Prerequisite: FMRK 100 Fashion Fundamentals.
FMRK 360 - Fashion Culture and Society
The impact of fashion/appearance on human behavior and the role of fashion as a form of communication are studied. Theories of psychology, social psychology, sociology and anthropology are incorporated to assist in the understanding of how individuals express themselves through their appearance. The course examines the interrelationship between postmodern culture and fashion/beauty beginning with an analysis of the primal, underlying motivations for adorning the body. Topics include non-verbal communication aspects of appearance, cultural appearance, the inherent sexism, lookism, ageism, and ethnocentricity of fashion; and the impact of sociological/religious/political/economic systems on dress and adornment. Lecture. Prerequisites: FMRK 235 Trend Analysis, WRIT 112 Academic Writing II, PSYC 200 Introduction to Psychology.
FMRK 420 - Fashion Retailing
An in-depth overview of the fashion merchandising function and store operations management. Topics include planning, buying, and control of fashion goods; organizational structures; retail acquisition and expansion; developing a retail business plan; and utilizing entrepreneurial skills in retail settings. Lecture. Prerequisites FMRK 245 Trend Analysis, MATH 220 Business Math; MRKT 301 Principles of Marketing.
FMRK375 - Field Experience (New York, Los Angeles, Europe, China)
An in-depth study of the fashion arena that includes a minimum six-day field experience. Topics include fashion designers, schools of fashion, manufacturers, major retailers, visual merchandising, accessories, as well as major museums, cultural activities, theater, and the financial business district.
FMRK 490 - Fashion Marketing Internship
Students obtain practical on-the-job training in a fashion marketing environment. Work experience is complemented by an academic requirement and periodic meetings with the fashion marketing department chair.
Some Electives FMRK 246 – Retail Fashion Buying
Provides an overview of the fashion merchandising function with special emphasis on planning, buying, promotion, selling and control of fashion goods.
FMRK 330 - Store Planning & Merchandise Presentation
Provides an overview of the fashion merchandising function with special emphasis on planning, buying, promotion, selling and control of fashion goods. Basic merchandise mathematics are incorporated. Lecture.
FMRK 340 - Fashion Promotion
An analysis of fashion advertising, promotion, publicity, special events, and visual merchandising. The student will gain a better understanding of how promotion is used to attract the customer in the retail environment. Topics include: fashion show production, event development, advertising in a digital world and visual techniques.
FMRK 350 - Fashion Styling for the Media
The course explores the field of styling and will focus on cultivating the skills needed to succeed in this profession. The student will develop an understanding of wardrobing, research techniques, and how to build a portfolio.
FMRK 365 - Fashion Journalism
The course examines the history of the fashion media and its impact of the fashion industry. The course will explore the interrelationship between fashion journalist, public relations specialists, photographers, and designers. Topics include effective interviewing, writing and editing articles, photo shoot organization and management, and the newest form of fashion journalism the internet and blogs. Lecture.
FMRK 370 - Fashion Law
Fashion professionals inevitably face legal issues at each stage of the life of a garment. As a result, fashion law is quickly emerging as not only a legal specialty but a practical necessity for anyone in the fashion industry. As the development of each garment requires the collaboration of many professionals, this course will discuss the written agreements essential to the successful management of any fashion business. This course will further explore the scope of state, federal, and international laws and how they affect the ever-changing landscape of the fashion industry, including how fashion executives can protect their intellectual property.
FMRK 3701 – The Business of Marketing Fashion Online
This course will explore the impact social media and online communications has made within the fashion industry. Topics will include marketing luxury brands online, storytelling in a digital age, social media strategies, collaborations and influence programs, careers in the digital age and marketing fashion through digital platforms
FMRK 410 - Fashion Production & Wholesaling
The course will examine the dynamic changes in the fashion apparesupply chain. The student will gain an understanding of the apparel supply chain including, manufacturing, product development and the distribution channel of product.


  • The faculty at WU is so unique compared to most universities. They don’t just teach you to reach your goals and do the things you love, they create a fire inside each individual to go after their passion regardless of how difficult it may seem. The fire they light inside each student is what inspires WU students to think critically, solve problems creatively, and be better individuals overall.

    Kaitlin Mattingly

  • Woodbury opened my eyes to an industry I never knew existed! I always wanted to be in fashion but assumed I would have to be a designer...after completing the Fashion Journalism course my heart was set on writing and creating content for Digital Media. @Stilettobeatss on IG

    Emily Jenny Cholakian

  • Thanks to Professor Kristen Schiele, I was able to break into the fashion industry, gain indispensable business knowledge, and build a network that will continue to open new doors of opportunity for me. Professor Schiele was always diligent about sending her students emails of open internship opportunities. That is how I started as an intern for a new start up, socially conscious, fashion company in November of 2012. Fast forward almost 2 years later, I am now working as The Giving Keys E-commerce and Social Media Manager.

    Tiffany Solis

  • During my time at Woodbury University, I was able to attend and volunteer at various fashion events, such as LA Fashion Week’s Concept and Vogue’s Fashion’s Night Out LA, which permitted me to partake in learning ventures of the industry with a more hands-on approach. Additionally, Professor Wendy provided countless opportunities to meet and hear from well-respected, influential, and creative minds of the fashion industry. This is something irreplaceable and valuable that I have already taken with me during my professional and personal life.

    Mallory Quiroa

  • This program at Woodbury has helped me tremendously in preparing for entering the fashion world by the wide range of classes they offer that covers the whole spectrum of fashion marketing from garment design to styling to marketing, great teaching from Professor Bendoni, field-trips, projects and knowing certain terminology. This major experience has helped me and I know my fellow classmates at being successful in the future in our career paths in fashion.

    Austin Criss